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We help executives and managers who are struggling to find enough time to deal with heavy work loads and to deliver on time. Leadership and personal development. Career programs and Time Mastery.

The Wall Street Journal wrote: “In a century of accelerating change and extraordinary challenges, companies need more external help than ever. Help to manage the changes for the company and for the individual. The winners are those who are best equipped and those who accept it. The great trend of this century is the accelerating and deepening wave of change sweeping through every element of human life. ”— .


Livecoacher´s step-by-step programs give all the tools , resources, strategies, tactics and support you need to develop your personal skills in order to create a sustainable leadership. When you go online with us you can choose from just to pass on a question and get a professional to discuss the issue with or go for one of our step-by-step leadership programs.


-Time Mastery help you to release time. Leadership programs help you to manage your team and deal with your superiors

-no more than a few sessions of coaching and a simple spread sheet to identify what you need in order to create the results you asked for.


-Livecoacher´s coaching programmes developed to meet everyone´s needs in their strive to perform better whether it is on a business level or on an individual level.

-project management training

- Specially written coaching programmes for people who are in transit and for graduated and post graduated looking for new job positions.

-Flexible scheduling as we are where our clients are. Get connected with Conference system, on your computer, Ipad and android.

-A pool of coaches will make it easy to find a coach to suit various needs such as,experience,skills, language and origin.

-No quality doubts- experienced, certified and professional coaches will guarantee results

-Quality secured - input and output values


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Online Coaching

We meet the internet generations needs to get information and answers to their questions straight into their devices. The attractive employers needs are to attract the most talented staff in order to keep up with the competition and to develop the staff in order to make them stay.

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Executive Coaching

Professional coaching for key positioned staff. Save time and go online with us. When you can see and hear your coach—there's not much difference from a physical meeting.

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Start a job that matters and be a part of something great.Our outplacement services will help jobseekers not only to find a new position but also find a new way of taking actions.We know how a person feels when having lost a position at work and therefore we can meet the person´s special needs,and can give the right support in order to establish a looking-for-a - job strategy. It is crucial to turn the page and get on with the job seeking.
Ask for our outplacement package . A step-by-step program leading you to get the job you are looking for.